Observations from a Nigga

"Agitate." ~ Frederick Douglass


I have been living in Washington, DC for twenty years and there has been dramatic changes in the so-called chocolate city. This renaissance or gentrification has real estate prices booming, demographics changing, political power shifting, and the black citizenry on... Continue Reading →


A Torn Net

There has been a lot said about Ballou Senior High School in southeast Washington, D.C. I am not going to write about data. I am going to write from my gut to my heart and hopefully my words will reach... Continue Reading →

Get Sick and Die! Part 2

Let's continue with the debacle...After surgery I have an open wound which needed care and bandaging on a regular basis. The hospital arranged for nurses to come to my apartment three days a week (more money). They were pretty nice... Continue Reading →

Get Sick and Die!

I have been a lifelong Liberal Democrat. I abhor the machinations of the Republican Party and its current representative in the White House. But I agree with Republicans on one aspect, be responsible for your health, exercise, and eat right.... Continue Reading →


As I start another school year, I can't help but reflect on the 2017 graduates. My thoughts are solemn, my soul aches for graduates who are functional illiterates; yes, graduates. The elephant in the room is literacy. This foundational component... Continue Reading →


I recently visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture and frankly I was overwhelmed. As soon as I entered this massive structure across the street from the Ku Klux Clan-ish looking Washington Monument, I sat down and... Continue Reading →


In my middle class, black existence in the 80's, things started to change. For Sale signs went up, some of my friends were not as freshly dressed as they used to be. I remember going to a friend’s house and... Continue Reading →


I am not good with the ladies. I have no game, no assets, so lame. People assume I am a ladies man because of the way I move, but I really prefer reading a book than making love. On the... Continue Reading →

Politically Speaking

This country fundamentally irritates me to the core; the cynicism and pessimism rolls down my cheeks in frustration. I am a Democrat, but they don't speak for me for they are gutless, spineless performers who are really in cahoots with the... Continue Reading →

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