I am watching this presidential race with a combination of amusement and utter despair. This election is an embarrassment…and entertaining. Donald Trump has become a residue political figure created by the white man’s disdain for having a “monkey” and “monkey family members” touching the white house china for eight years.

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History tells us when the U.S. pushes to the left, we push back violently to the right. Even in the new millennium the vestiges of racism exist. But, it’s more than that. It’s America’s love for celebrity culture, leaving the white working class behind, and its subsequent yearnings to reestablish itself into the American memory and future.

Let me speak to the white working class. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY THE ELITE CLASS OF THIS COUNTRY SINCE ITS INCEPTION. The elite used your skin color to keep you under control, when at the same time, the elites took advantage of you, and behind closed doors ridiculed you. You have more in common with the African American than you think but your racial hatred won’t allow you to join forces. So, you really think Donald Trump gives a shit about you? Mitt Romney? George W? H.W?

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The mostly overrated Reagan? Bernie Sanders, you want a political revolution, have the white working class/poor, African-Americans, white progressives, Latinos, and other people of color create a united voting bloc in this country against the elites and you will see some changes in this country.

I hope I don’t sound like Karl Marx. I believe this can be accomplished under the capitalist paradigm. Can the white working class/poor be willing to expel those racist brain cells that have blinded them to political and economic prosperity? White folks with a college degree may not be safe either, remember the occupy movement? This unity I am speaking of is not new. It was attempted in unions against big business. Jesse Jackson, during his historic run for president in ’84 and ’88 also made overtures into white working class areas successfully. Fred Hampton, who was the chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party went to Appalachia to articulate commonalities and he did this very successfully. His unifying message made him a very dangerous man and he was subsequently assassinated by a death squad known as the Chicago Police Department.

So, I conclude that there must be something to tearing down the veil of race between the working class/poor. I tell my students it was illegal to see a nigger with a book in his or her hand. This act was sometimes punishable by death. Man! There must have been something very important about being able to read.