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This country fundamentally irritates me to the core; the cynicism and pessimism rolls down my cheeks in frustration. I am a Democrat, but they don’t speak for me for they are gutless, spineless performers who are really in cahoots with the opposition.


Who truly speaks for me or to me? Where are the potential leaders who have the courage to take America in a new direction?


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I want to see a new political party. I want to break up this monopoly on ideas.


This current administration lacks integrity and competence. As a result, there will be Watergate consequences.

Who will emerge? Can America create a third-party that can be taken seriously? Bernie Sanders came close even though he masqueraded as a Democrat. His failure to reach out and articulate to the black masses even with Cornell West and Ben Jealous in his corner confused and frustrated me. His inability or even refusal to connect economics and race destroyed what could have been a real political revolution. I want the Black Lives Matter movement to go beyond battling police brutality and create a political party focusing on local politics where substantive change can occur. I want them to target every major city in America and infiltrate the school boards, city councils, and mayorships if there is such a word.

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Let’s learn from the successes and demise of the Black Panther Party. If we remember, the last gasp of them was Bobby Seale running for mayor of Oakland along with Elaine Brown running for city council. They came close to victory, but they ran out of political capital. Black Matters is at its height of relevancy, this blueprint can be accomplished. If this blueprint is methodically put into action, police brutality will disappear and the country once again will be filled with hope and optimism.