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I am not good with the ladies. I have no game, no assets, so lame. People assume I am a ladies man because of the way I move, but I really prefer reading a book than making love. On the other hand, I have so much love to give and I give it well when I want.

I met a woman who allows me to be who I am even if it disappoints her. She loves me even when I’m selfish. She cooks for me, miraculous meals that should be on the Cooking Channel. She supports my dreams and listens to my fears. She shows patience when I ask prehistoric questions about technology.  We discuss politics, educational apartheid, and music. When we do make love it’s like John Coltrane searching for the right riff or pattern of notes, creating a melody.

Gratitude, I show on the inside, I know I am a hard nut to crack, I hope you enjoy what is revealed. Dreams of travelling the world, elevating our mentals with cultural experiences together.

Yours in solidarity and love.

Magic Positano
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