In my middle class, black existence in the 80’s, things started to change. For Sale signs went up, some of my friends were not as freshly dressed as they used to be. I remember going to a friend’s house and it was a skeleton, anything that was worth something was gone, dirty dishes piled up. The details in life were ignored, frazzled at the edges.

On the other hand, I saw kids who did not use to be fresh become dominant. I saw role reversals in the home. The child was the breadwinner, the parent becoming insignificant.

Five Percent NationIronically this scene coincided with the rise of the five percent nation. This organization was created by Clarence Smith in Harlem, N.Y. in 1964. Mr. Smith, who was a student of Malcolm X, split with the Nation of Islam, after Elijah Muhammad’s death. Mr. Smith believed that God was not a supernatural being, but something found in all black males. All white people were considered weak, wicked, and inferior. Five percenters describe themselves as “poor righteous teachers” whose goal is to tell everyone in the world the truth. All of this manifested itself with the introduction of crack cocaine in my neighborhood where black enlightenment and the decline of morality intermingled.

As the scourge cemented itself for over a decade, prisons swelled with African bodies, leaving broken families and souls in its wake. I see the effects of this government-sponsored poisoning in my students who have all sorts of learning disabilities and delays. The larger society had no empathy for black communities being devastated.

Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland has implemented a state of emergency because of heroin and opiate use. He pledged sixty million dollars for prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. This new scourge is considered a health epidemic.

How is this different from the crack epidemic? The users of heroin and opiates are overwhelmingly white. It has infiltrated their suburban oasis away from the niggers. It has destroyed the working class white enclaves in the rust belt. What may be even more significant is that young white people might be getting their drugs from black drug dealers. God forbid anybody black gets rich off white suffering! I see commercials for people with these issues at beachfront compounds far away from the prison cells.

I charge America with hypocrisy.