NMAAHC and WA Monument
Source: nmaahc.si.edu

I recently visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture and frankly I was overwhelmed. As soon as I entered this massive structure across the street from the Ku Klux Clan-ish looking Washington Monument, I sat down and watched the people, of all colors celebrating the most loyal Americans in this country. I observed the joy of elderly black people who have gone through hell in the name of the red, white, and blue limp through the exhibits with their family members astonished by the acknowledgement. As I went through the exhibits I felt tremendous pride, but I was also disillusioned by the corporate donors like Wal-Mart

Walmart Donor List
Source: nmaahc.si.edu

having their name plastered on significant history and accomplishment. I also could not help but feel a sense of dread because as black people, we are always under attack and when and if the day of destruction and eradication comes, America will have this museum to remember us by. I did not get to see all the exhibits because of the sheer volume of information, which rendered my mental capacity quite weary. I suggest multiple visits, acouple of exhibits at a time if possible.

NMAAHC Photography Exhibit
Source: nmaahc.si.edu

I especially enjoyed the photography exhibit that displayed every-day and prominent African-Americans living their everyday lives. African-Americans are the soul and character of this nation, this I already knew, this museum is tangible evidence.