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We Are Our Own Slaves

word and silence

I usually repost this every year around Black Friday, but it seems a good companion to yesterday’s essay. It’s not just the media that’s to blame for our situation:

When asked if the news of the day surprised him anymore, the poet Joseph Brodsky—who grew up in Soviet Russia and came to America in his early thirties—said in part,

It certainly doesn’t surprise me. I think the world is capable of only one thing basically—proliferating its evils. That’s what time seems to be for…. The only thing that surprises me is the frequency, under the present circumstances, of instances of human decency, of sophistication, if you will. Because basically the situation—on the whole—is extremely uncongenial for being decent or right.[i]

Or, as it was said more than a millennia earlier: “It has gotten to the point where there is nowhere that the ugliness of opportunism does not exist.”

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Unite for America’s Sake

I am watching this presidential race with a combination of amusement and utter despair. This election is an embarrassment…and entertaining. Donald Trump has become a residue political figure created by the white man’s disdain for having a “monkey” and “monkey... Continue Reading →


A Armchair Activist

With a hand guided by admiration and eyes focused on the flashing lights, a meal laid out before me thats cooked to perfection for my consumption. I do not seek silverware for this meal must be touched to palm and carried to mouth to nourish my body mind and soul. I can see the world for what it continues to resist and my bones carry the stretchmarks of burden hidden from my eyes but I know they are there. For now, through individual beautiful unified by thought that is Afropunk or Dandylions. For now, through action and story telling coated in melanin like Black’ish, Atlanta, Luke Cage. For now through innovation invention intelligence and integrity. I am in love with Black Excellence.

You might be offended when I tell you how special we are. How self centered I must be to have a train of thought so egotistically designed that…

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Losing Our History, Losing Ourselves

I was coerced into sharing my ideas in this blog from a good friend. After many conversations about a plethora of subjects, some drunken, she deemed by point of view somewhat interesting. I confess, I have no idea what a... Continue Reading →

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